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I am pleased to present my professional journey in the field of education technology, which began shortly after completing my A-Levels in 2016. I have been fortunate to progress from an entry-level network technician to a senior management role within a multi-academy trust. Throughout my career, my primary objective has been to ensure universal access to technology and to empower individuals to harness its full potential.

My technical background has enabled me to impart practical knowledge across 180+ educational institutions in the UK, collaborating with over 2,500 educators. My expertise ranges from creating interactive PowerPoint presentations to trust strategy, and everything in between. I am passionate about sharing my knowledge and enthusiasm for technology with the broader education community, introducing innovative ideas to schools and influencing curriculum development.

Digital Consultation

In the rapidly evolving landscape of educational technology, digital consultation services have become pivotal for institutions seeking to integrate innovative digital solutions. These services offer expert guidance on selecting and implementing the right technologies to enhance learning experiences. However, they also underscore the importance of addressing potential challenges such as ensuring data privacy, managing costs, and providing adequate training for educators. By leveraging digital consultation, schools and universities can navigate the complexities of digital transformation, fostering an environment that supports both teachers and students in achieving their educational goals.

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I can deliver a range of standard or bespoke sessions to your school staff or students around technology. Whether is using EdTech across the curriculum to specific training with key departments or leadership to enhance the wider use of technology, my training sessions are designed to be informative but with an engaging fun aspect.

With all of my sessions there will be a pre-training call with school leadership to ensure that the session meets the required points to support your wider school piece. I have worked closely with a number schools to deliver training to meet their needs. When working with schools or leading events, I aim to only have one per day ensuring that I can focus as much of my time onto your school to achieve the best possible standard of training.

Whilst not coming from a direct teaching background, working within the primary education space, leading lessons and support curriculum decisions has provided me a unique insight into how teaching and learning can be directly impacted with technology. All of my sessions have an element of ‘Geeky-ness’ in theme but my core aim is supporting teaching and learning and empowering everyone to achieve more with technology.

I take pride in having collaborated with remarkable companies and promoting educational technology as a Microsoft MIE Master Trainer and Apple Teacher. I would be delighted to share my knowledge and experience with you, with the hope that even a single idea from our session could empower you to inspire the next generation to achieve more with technology.

Please find details of my upcoming training sessions and events below. I look forward to the opportunity to collaborate with you.

Below are some of my top EdTech sessions for schools. 

Microsoft Training

Since July 2020 I have been a Microsoft Certified MIE Trainer. I have recently retained my Microsoft MIE Master Trainer certification for a another year, enabling me to continue leading the way as a strong advocate for cloud based educational learning. Working with over 180+ schools/trusts nationally, delivering workshops and training sessions to school’s staff from all departments from CEO’s to Business Managers, Head of Departments to teaching assistants and technical staff. Being able to showcase what is truly possible with the Microsoft365 platform without having to spend huge amounts on external companies to support you on your journey.

 The beneficial thing for schools is that all Microsoft sessions delivered by a certified MIE Trainer are completely FREE for education staff. Below are some of my previous sessions and a range of sessions that I can provide as part of my MIE status.

The EdTech Mindset

My brand new #trainitlive session is now available in CPD and public speaker form for your staff meetings or conferences.

The EdTech Mindset lifts the lid on the common misconceptions around technology and allows staff to build their own knowledge and confidence ready for their next lesson!

Throughout this brand new session your staff/delegates will be taken on a journey to understand the basic form of technology and how skills that they already have can be used to empower their lessons further to engage and inspire the next generation.

The EdTech Mindset sessions are designed for all staff to take part in. With the way the world is evolving, everyone is now in touch with technology in some form. Ensuring they have the confidence to use it and understand it, will strengthen they way it is used throughout education. From teaching staff to support staff, governors to cleaners. 

More details on the full agenda for the session and running times will be released soon. Discount pricing is available for purchase across multiple schools(cluster training). 







Book a call

Why not book a free call with me today to see how I can support you and your team build the best foundations around EdTech, Digital Strategy, Team Building and much more. 

Up Coming Sesions

There are currently no upcoming sessions. Please check back soon for more updates.


Within reason, I can pretty much run a training session on anything technology based both for within education and externally. Whilst it might take a little longer to plan a session for a piece of software I haven’t used, I will always aim to support where possible.

Some of my favourite sessions to run are:

  • Going Paperless with Office365
  • Whole school GDPR and Cyber Security Basics
  • Online Safety Basics for Parents
  • Online/E-Safety lessons for pupils
  • Office 365 Basics for teaching/support/admin/governor staff
  • Using Office365 to enhance your curriculum
  • Social Media S.A.F.E for all

All bookings are completed through Eventbrite, an online event booking system. The booking system will handle all of the information and booking confirmations, as well as provide you with all the key info regarding your training. All information will be handled under the Eventbrite privacy notice and all funds will be transacted using their network.

For the vast majority of the webinar training sessions these will be free of charge. There is a donation option when booking to support me and the work that I am doing but this is optional. 

For larger in person sessions where a venue is required, there will be a small charge to cover the cost of hiring the venue and to provide refreshments etc.


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