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My name is Jordan Smithson and welcome to the MrJSmithson_Edu website. I wanted to write a little about myself to provide a greater insight into my full time role overseeing IT in education.

Working in educational IT support since leaving school has provided me with over 7+ years experience providing dedicated support to pupils, teachers, leadership and board members. Throughout these years I have worked as a network technician within a 3 school MAT before moving to become an IT technician/Manager for a 2 form entry inner city primary school with some external support work, helping schools with technical and website support. During my time working with the primary school I have homed my technical knowledge with implementing a new VOIP phone system, remote learning provision, a fully cloud based infrastructure with Microsoft365, paperless school functions and much more. One of my missions within my work is to empower everyone to achieve more with technology which has formed the motto for my working life. One of the ways I have achieved this so far is through my Microsoft MIE training sessions and virtual training content via my social media and website.

Since leaving sixth form and starting to work on my career I have been incredible privileged to jump up the working ladder with some incredible opportunities along the way. In January 2023 I was appointed as the new Trust IT Services Manager for the Peterborough Keys Academy Trust. My core role is to lead the central IT Services team to implementing our trust strategy which is designed to secure, refresh and innovate the use of technology. Currently supporting 12 schools throughout Peterborough with our MAT and traded IT Services, our core aim is to ‘Unlock everyone’s potential to achieve more with technology’.

Alongside my day to day role with the trust I have also recently been appointed as a director on the board of Trustee’s for the Innovate Multi-Academy Trust. Sitting on a trust board allows me to expand my knowledge, skillset and experience with trust management. It also allows me to further support and specialising in digital technology, I am supporting the trust management team with industry insights, legislation requirements and advise around improving the impact of technology across the trust.

I have recently gained the next step on my Microsoft MIE journey by achieving the next step on the ladder of being a Microsoft MIE Expert. Being a recognised MIE Expert enables me to continue leading the way as a strong advocate for cloud based educational learning. Working with over 200+ schools/trusts nationally, delivering workshops and training sessions to school’s staff from all departments from CEO’s to Business Managers, Head of Departments to teaching assistants and technical staff. Being able to showcase what is truly possible with the Microsoft365 platform without having to spend huge amounts on external companies to support you on your journey.

Throughout the past few years I have started sharing my knowledge more speaking on various podcasts and speaking at various conferences, bringing the technical insights to the forefront of what we do. Whilst I haven’t published any books, sharing knowledge and skills through the power of discussions has provided me a voice and a platform to inspire more people to grow the confidence to innovate the ways they use technology.

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