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My name is Jordan Smithson and welcome to the MrJSmithson_Edu website. I wanted to write a little about myself to provide a greater insight into my full time role overseeing IT in education.

I am currently working as a full time IT Manager and project lead for All Saints’ CofE Primary School in Peterborough. I am responsible for managing the face to face support to our school community as well as innovating and implementing new infrastructures and practices for all of the stakeholders across the school.

Since joining the school I have launched a new cloud VoIP phone system, completed a full in-house rebuild of our school website, project lead a new build on-site along with building the network infrastructure, migrating our school to becoming a fully cloud based learning environment with Microsoft365 and moving our admin and governing body to become fully cloud and paperless with more developments still to come. I also led the way with our digital response to the COVID-19 pandemic launching our online learning platform All Saints’ Cloud through the Microsoft platform, provided all vulnerable/pupil premium/disadvantaged/SEN students with devices & internet to continue with home learning and provided the core support service to ensure that you it be required, we can move the entire school to full remote learning within a couple of hours.

At the time of writing this I am currently working through my Level 4 Diploma for School Business Managers. With the aim to provide further support to the school and also allow me to further progress my own working career within education whether that be moving into an SBM job role or expanding my current role to gain more responsibility with future projects and plans in years to come.

I have recently retained my Microsoft MIE Trainer certification for a second year running, enabling me to continue leading the way as a strong advocate for cloud based educational learning. Working with over 130+ schools/trusts nationally, delivering workshops and training sessions to school’s staff from all departments from CEO’s to Business Managers, Head of Departments to teaching assistants and technical staff.  Being able to showcase what is truly possible with the Microsoft365 platform without having to spend huge amounts on external companies to support you on your journey.

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