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This blog is for me to write my thoughts and opinions. All posts are therefore my opinion and not of my employers or anyone I work with/for.

Hi there and welcome to my website. I’m an IT Services Manager in education with over 7 year experience in providing dedicated IT support across multi-site schools/trusts. On a day to day basis I manage and maintain a central IT team providing technical and strategic support to all of the schools with my trust and our external supported schools.

I am also a Microsoft MIE Master Training for 2022-2023 and have worked with over 180+ school nation wide and delivered training to over 1.16k school educators. With my core aim to empower and strengthen the knowledge around the use of technology for all educational and operational actions within a school.

The core aim of this site is to share my own knowledge and top tips, share useful resources and guidance for school communities as well as parents and create a hub for collaboration for everyone to feel empowered to achieve more through technology.


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