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Welcome to Social Media S.A.F.E. This is a brand new area containing everything you need to keep you safe online.

Social media has become one of the largest communications spaces in the world, with over 100+ different platforms available to everyone of all ages.

With younger generations now having easier access to digital devices and the global internet we need to be safer than ever with what we share and how has access to our information.

To support everyone I have put together S.A.F.E which breaks down the concept of social media into 4 key areas with useful resource, guidance and further information on how you and your children can be Social Media S.A.F.E

The 4 key areas have been designed to cross check each other. For example you will see that Access covers is relevant to all parties much like friends. More information and top tips on how to stay Social Media S.A.F.E can be located towards the bottom of the post.


We currently don’t have any training sessions running for Social Media S.A.F.E, however please view the events page to view other sessions I am running.

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