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Everyone should have the same opportunity to take part in high quality CPD training to enhance their skills around technology. TrainIT Live is a new training series that will start this April and will see a weekly CPD sessions being streamed live directly to the comfort of your home. 

Covering a range of topics from getting started with your new laptop to taking your school fully cloud based, TrainIT Live aims to cater for everyone. Session timings will vary slightly week on week as we adjust to allow everyone to access a live session and all resources/recordings will be made available after the date. All sessions will incur a slight cost which is the bare minimum to plan and produce the training session.

Included in your cost is:

  • Bespoke high quality resources
  • Links to training videos and software specific guidance
  • Entrance into our monthly giveaways
  • Access into our new WhatsApp group
  • Early insights into future training sessions
  • and much more
What kind of sessions can you expect?
  • Going Paperless
  • How to modernise the school office
  • Basic of Microsoft 365
  • In-depth look into Microsoft Forms
  • In-depth look into Power Automate
  • Enhance internal communications with SharePoint
  • PowerBI for data collection and analysis
  • Creating your digital strategy
  • Enhance cross curricular teaching through Microsoft Teams
  • and much, much, more.


My brand new #trainitlive session is now available in CPD and public speaker form for your staff meetings or conferences.

The EdTech Mindset lifts the lid on the common misconceptions around technology and allows staff to build their own knowledge and confidence ready for their next lesson!

Throughout this brand new session your staff/delegates will be taken on a journey to understand the basic form of technology and how skills that they already have can be used to empower their lessons further to engage and inspire the next generation.

The EdTech Mindset sessions are designed for all staff to take part in. With the way the world is evolving, everyone is now in touch with technology in some form. Ensuring they have the confidence to use it and understand it, will strengthen they way it is used throughout education. From teaching staff to support staff, governors to cleaners. 

More details on the full agenda for the session and running times will be released soon. Discount pricing is available for purchase across multiple schools(cluster training). For more information please email


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How do I book?

All of my bookings are done through EventBrite along with all payments. To access and book your spot, please go to the above Upcoming Sessions section to locate the session you would like to join and to locate the booking link.

All bookings taken through EventBrite are subject to the EventBrite privacy notice and Terms & Conditions.

How do I access the session?

Upon signing up to take part in the session you will be sent a link to a TrainIT Live resources page. This secure page will contain all of the resources for the session, extra useful guides and a direct link to the live stream.

At current all of our sessions will be streamed securely via YouTube although please ensure you check the session details as this may change.

What do I do if I can't attend?

If you can’t attend. please do not panic. All sessions will be recorded and the video will be made available to all booked participants for two weeks after the session has gone live. 

To access the recording please go through the TrainIT Live secure resources page.

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