Slightly different day for me today. With most of our central team on annual leave, I took a step back into the front line of help desk support.

Here’s my take away from today.

For the past 5 months I have been somewhat hidden away at Trust level, looking at my service from a birds eye view. Dealing with trust strategy, project implementation and occasionally, high level support cases.

Today back on the front line showcased 3 key things

⭐️ 1 – How important and valuable each member of my team is. With the knowledge and skills that they bring which together builds our service

⭐️ 2 – How important clear documentation is. Being able to look back at cases and get the full journey that has taken place so far

⭐️ 3 – Recognition

IT is often known as the thankless job. No one says thank you when the internet is working or their iPad turns on. But when something is going to plan, IT is the first to hear.

Recognition is something that I’m striving to do better for my team.

From introducing service feedback forms, internal team celebration and public awareness of my colleagues.

So next time you see your tech on-site, give them that little bit of praise. No need to explain the what or the why.

But I guarantee it will put a smile on their face.

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