👨🏽‍💻Days like today remind me why I love working in education!

It’s been one of those back and fourth days today with back to back meetings to a community visit to staff training.

After meeting with two of our fantastic MSP schools to discuss their renewals and plans for the new academic year I was given a brief afternoon out to one of our other MSP schools to meet with their incredible year 4,5,6 students.

Meeting with the students I was asked to talk to them about my career so far, how I got into my line of work and then answer questions from the floor that they had prepared for me. I have to say, no matter how stressful a day can be, that is one way to brighten up your afternoon.

From questions about my daily routine to my top tips in the industry the questions and the pupils were fantastic. Don’t get me wrong there were a few non IT related and seemed to fined it amusing when I told them that I support Leeds United for some reason but never the less, being able to work in IT to benefit the staff/pupils and then be given the afternoon to share my journey really drums home how far I’ve come in a short space of time and how others can follow to achieve anything.

⭐️ In the space of less than 7 years, I’ve gone from an 18 year old straight out of secondary school to a 25 year senior manager within a MAT over seeing 10 schools and nearly 10,000 users across Peterborough.

🚀 And the exciting part is, this is only the beginning of the journey within my career and with PKAT!

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