School CPD

School CPD sessions are huge especially around technology. With the growing demand for schools to create a more dynamic and digital classroom within the new digital age that we live in. Being able to have teaching staff with the knowledge to do this is key. Using technology in a classroom across the curriculum seems like a scary thought, but does it really need to be that overcomplicated?

With my new school CPD sessions I aim to put the teachers in the driving seat to allow them to explore and gain an understanding for how they can enhance their lessons with technology.

All of my training sessions are done with hands on experience of technology and software for all participants but please be aware that due to covid it would be required that participants bring their own technology.


Cyber Security In Schools

An all new staff CPD session from MrJSmithson.

This new CPD session is designed to give all school staff the basic starting point and foundational knowledge of what to look out for and what actions to take around cyber security. With cyber security becoming one of the largest threats to the modern digital age, it’s more important than ever to ensure that everyone knows how to play their part.


School Pricing

  • Full Cyber Training For All Staff
  • Access to useful resources
  • Follow up training for governors/trustees

The EdTech Mindset

The EdTech Mindset lifts the lid on the common misconceptions around technology and allows staff to build their own knowledge and confidence ready for their next lesson!

Throughout this brand new session your staff/delegates will be taken on a journey to understand the basic form of technology and how skills that they already have can be used to empower their lessons further to engage and inspire the next generation.

The EdTech Mindset sessions are designed for all staff to take part in. With the way the world is evolving, everyone is now in touch with technology in some form. Ensuring they have the confidence to use it and understand it, will strengthen they way it is used throughout education. From teaching staff to support staff, governors to cleaners. 

More details on the full agenda for the session and running times will be released soon. Disc


School Pricing

  • Full Training For All Staff
  • Access to useful resources
  • Hands on learning experiences
  • Discount pricing for cluster/group school bookings

How to book?

To book your school based training/CPD session please select from the available sessions above or  email

At current, I am only able to run twilight based sessions with some flexibility during half terms. These sessions will have a fixed price few depending on the course and the time frame. For virtual training sessions these will be ran at a lower costing due to no travel costings needing to be taken into account.