Introducing Web Check by the Nation Cyber Security Centre.

Web Check helps you identify and fix common security issues in your websites.

Direct from the NCSC website

Web Check checks your websites for common web vulnerabilities and misconfigurations. The checks are designed to impose low load on sites and to avoid damaging them. Web Check tells you: what you need to worry about, when you need to worry about it and what you need to do about it.

It is easy to use and doesn’t require a high level of technical skill. Potential security issues checked for include the following:

  • Whether a site’s server software is patched and up to date
  • If using a Content Management System, whether this is patched and up to date
  • Issues with the server’s certificate chains
  • A range of TLS configuration concerns and implementation errors
  • Whether site misconfiguration is suggested by inconsistency between the site loaded over HTTP and over HTTPS
  • Use of third-party resources, and whether these are loaded over HTTPS
  • Whether cross domain policy and/or cross origin resource sharing controls allow interaction from other sites

Get registered today and allow the Web Check service to keep you up to date with the security and integrity of your schools website.